History of Oberer Graben 6

In 1865, Wilhelm Bareiss, the town master mason, built the “Haus zur Bauhütte” today known as the LOGE. He built the house for his friend from work builder Sulzer. The neo-gothic style of the facade brought a special charm to the neighbourhood.

The Freemasons rented the Loge and set everything up to their liking. In 1875, the Freemasons were able to buy the building from Sulzer’s widow. After completing their new domicile in 1904, the Masons sold the Loge due to lack of space to the iron trading company Briner.

Until 1986, the building was used as place of business and warehouse. Only one year later, the company Graben Wohnbau AG acquired the building to establish apartments for families as well as a new venue for the “Theater am Gleis” in the basement. In addition, a restaurant was planned. However, technical difficulties, monument protection and requirements from the authorities hindered and delayed the conversion.

One agreed on the current solution with movie theatre, bar and hotel. Beginning of the 90ies the LOGE opened. The name “Loge” in German can mean various things and therefore the multi-purposes of the building reflects the name perfectly.

Since 1997 the Loge is part of the Kiwi group and even today it is a unique place with three cinemas, a bar specializing in gin with numerous inside seats and a large outdoor terrace as well as the hotel with 17 lovingly furnished rooms. The modern elements merge with the original style and spirit and ooze an incomparable charm. The young team creates a happy and relaxed atmosphere and makes this place a very special one.